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Atmosphere in Bosnia Faces -festival 14. - 18.6.2007:

Video-record in happening

Kuvat: Risto Lång
In good mood before trip Supper in destination Heat in Bosnia In rosegarden
Landscape Atmosphere  before night waiting the show Vanity Ink 

Practising in Faun's afternoon:

Photos: Jari Karttunen

Risto in reharsal  21.2.2006
Risto ja Choreographer Jari Karttunen

Costume designer Päivi Karhu-Sormunen ja Risto
Päivi ja Risto planning custumes

Faun's custume options
Photos from upper body custumes 

Kuvat: Jari Vesterinen

Faun's ready custume
Faun's premiere  7.10.2006

Photos from earlier dance projekts

Dancer Annamaria Ruzza's final examination in november 2003:

Photos: Hanna Kyläkangas
Risto ja Ari
Risto ja Annamaria

Risto ja Ari

Performance in Tapiola culture center:

Photos: Mika Silaste

Shooting shortfilm Valssi in winter 2002:

Photos : Roope Latja

Practising pictures in summer 2002:

Photos: Mona Hormia