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Live performances

Due to health reasons, has been a career break. In the future extraordinary performances health status.

  • 21.9.2012 Lång Romance  premier at the Joensuu Art Museum's Great Hall
  • 19.-26.10.2012 tuor in South-Korea
  •  Kiuruvesi culture house opening seremony 
  •  ESOK-hankkeen seminaari -esteetön opiskelu korkeakoulussa, Valkea talo, Helsinki
  • Joki´s Night in Pakkahuone,  Pakkahuone

Vuonna 2008:

  • Young culture-event judgment in Carelia-hall, Joensuu
  • Dance belongs to everybody -event, Ylivieska
  • P-K:n AMK:n accessibility Road Show, Tikkarinne, Joensuu
  • The Green´s culture event, Pakkahuone, Joensuu
Vuonna 2007:
  • International dance day, Taidekeskus Ahjo
  • Eastern Finland  aphasia -association´s spring fest  in Huhmari, Polvijärvi
  • 14.-18.6. Bosnia-Herzegovinassa
  • Kuopio Dance Festival
  • Nurmes Marketi
  • Faces -festivaal, Karjaa, Billnäs
  • Dancingproject for theme "Faun's afternoon" with  the North -Karelia art-academy's grand premiere, Lieksan kulttuurikeskus
Year 2006:

I have been ill about 6 month since December 2005 and I haven't been able to practice and appear in public.
  • 20 th celebration in Jyväskylä residential service-place
  • The Culture Days in co-operation with Estonian Elil in Tallinna
  • Kuopio Dance Festival in Kuopio Market Place
  • MMC- and HC -handicap people's international congress in Helsinki
  • Vihreät Niityt  Iskelmäweeks in Kiuruvesi
  • Dancingproject for theme "Faun's afternoon" with  the North -Karelia art-academy's grand premiere
  • Hoitokoti Piritta´s  autumn fest
Year 2005:
  • Opening of a competition of the dance company Jokipata's 35-years celebation , Joensuu Sport Hall
  • The meeting for Verevä-project in Kuntoranta, Varkaus
  • Dancing-role on "Juokse poika"- dancingshow in Joensuu Areena
  • Keeping the speech in the international dancing day in 29.4. in cinema Tapio, Joensuu
  • Dancing in private wedding seremonies
  • The summerday of the Finnish Rheumatism association in Huhmari, Polvijärvi
  • The Faces-festival in Karjaa
  • Gahjo-event, Joensuu Art-center Ahjo
  • Joensuun Seudun Invalidit- association's 60th celebration in Kimmel, Joensuu
  • The opening ceremonies in exhibition hall in Tampere, Pirkkahalli
  • The Finnish Cerebral Palsy Association's 40th  celebration in Helsinki

Year 2004:
  • Happenings at the International day for disabled people in Kuopio: school for disabled people in Mäntykangas, in music-center and in cityhall.
  • Perhekimppa-project in Kunnonpaikka, Siilinjärvi
  • Opening ceremonies for Cafe Herkkuhetki in Honkalampi
  • Dancing-role on "Juokse poika"- dancingshow in Joensuu theatre, production: Cat people- showdance -club
  • Student Hanna Kyläkangas's performance in  Outokumpu Kiisu theather.
  • The international seminar for Taru-project in Athens in Greece and visiting the Finnish embassy of Greece at october 2004.
  •  The Finnish Osteogenesis  Imperfecta Association's 25- year celebration in Siikaranta, Espoo
  • Opening ceremonies for the new part of the North-Carelia hospital
  • Graduation ceremony in The Finnish Association of the people with Mobility Disabilities Järvenpää Training Center, Sibelius-hall
  • Dancing-survey in Espoo culture-center
  • TaikAika - Operaball for the children and the young people in Opera, Helsinki
  • Association "Ideaday" in Careliahouse in Joensuu
  •  Marginalart-center in Art-center Ahjo
  •  Bravo! Circus of life- art happening in Art-center Ahjo, in Joensuu
Year 2003:
  • Student performances in Salminen's-hall in Joensuu and in  Outokumpu Kiisu theather.
  • The culture seminar in Opera, Alminsali, Helsinki
  • The culture week of the children and the young people in Tikkurila, Vantaa
  • CP-seminar, Scandic Hotel Simonkenttä, Helsinki
  • Afasia-club, Heinävesi
  • The week for the old people -festival in Carelia-hall, Joensuu
  • The healt fair, Joensuu
  • The night of the art, Helsinki
  • The week of the walking, Joensuu
  • The evening market-place, Kiuruvesi
  • The culture days for disabled people, Kuopio
  • Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
  • The summer days of the Polio Association, Kunnonpaikka, Siilinjärvi
  • The event of the European Year of People with Disabilities, Rääkkylä
Year 2002:
  • Restaurant Kunnonpaikka, Vuorela, Siilinjärvi  
  • 10th anniversary of the North Carelian dance institute, Joensuu
  • Opening of a competition of the dance company Jokipata, Joensuu Sport Hall 
  • Christmas party of a local accessibility project, restaurant Kimmel, Joensuu