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Risto and choreographer Minni Hirvonen are from the summer working on a new dance work. Lång Romance will be premiered at the Joensuu Art Museum's Great Hall on Friday, 21 September. In October Lång and
Hirvonen leave work with a new tour in South Korea.

The tour will start from 19 to 21.10. Suwon city, which is home last
summer opened Able Art Centre, the official program Lång Romance is
selected. Suwonista tour moves Goyang, where Risto occurs for the first
time at the Korea Disabled International Dance Festival from 23 to
26.10. The last stage is Ik-san, where the group called Samdong
International, whose headquarters Lång Romance is presented.

Lång Romance is the author's description of the atmosphere of spirit and
soul, here and now, with childlike open, dizzying, beautiful experience,
a play. At the same time Lång Romance draw up a universal man - quite a
survivor, mechanically, nice and crudely. This vortex begins to take
people straight first hinted, and then dramatically crashing, as the
classic romances. The scary thing, and it is the most beautiful never
ending story ...

Risto Lång international dance career promotion supports the Tampere-
based Disability Art and Culture Association, the aim of which is to
promote international representation and exchange of training.

I have start studying as a dancer in Keskuspuiston ammattiopisto in Helsinki. It works as a  multimode-study and my ambition is to graduate in two years as a dancer.

Backround from me:
  • In 1996 I moved from Kiuruvesi to Joensuu.
  • That summer I started dancing in the dance society Jokipata with ballroom dancer Lea Mönkkönen as my partner.
  • We took part in our first competition that autumn.
  • We danced in 6 competitions winning 6 medals.
  • The high point of my career as ballroom dancer was in 1998, when we became the first national champions as well as regional champions in 10-dance.
  • My career as ballroom dancer ended in 1999.
  • We had several performances, for example, at the 60th anniversary of the Finnish Association of People with Mobility Disabilities, the 10th anniversary of  Café Sorop, a meeting of the Little People of Finland, during the intermission of a local volleyball team in Joensuu, National Meeting of Councils on Disability.
  • I started my career as solo dancer in the summer 2002, see ”Project”. Erkki Salmenhaara composed me a waltz in 1999. This was the initial starting point for my solo career.

  • More backround:

    I'm the youngest child in my family. We have six children in my family. My  education is the business college graduate. Besides the dancing, I make some tutor to the starting students in The Finnish Association of people with Mobility Disabilies Järvenpää Training centre. Since from March 2004 to end of March 2006 I was working as a project-secretary to the Finnish Association Meningomyelocele and Hydrocephalus disabled people MeHyvät, Verevä-project. I'll continue as a dancer since I stop my job as a projedt-secretary. The new dance-project is based on theme The Fauns's Afternoon. It will be finnished with Jari Karttunen.

     My other hobbies are fitness and going with my wheelchair.

    The document about me and my ex-wife is ready. The document was in Tampere Film Festival in Finnish competion in 10.3.2006.

Document called Risto and Minna was seen in YLE TV 1 in sunday 3th of december 2006 at 21.15.